Meet the future of CSI: Glowing fingerprints

Good news criminals! Despite the SAPS rolling out red hair dye, Ray-Ban sunglasses and books on snappy one-liners, catching your thieving asses is still a challenge! Even though your DNA ...

The real cost of being Iron Man

There’s one superpower that Iron Man and Batman have in common, and it’s not mega-emancipation abilities. Nope, it’s the power of infinite cash, which allows them to buy all sorts ...

This is one Solidus looking Metal Gear figure

Sideshow Collectibles aren’t the only big guns in the industry when it comes to producing high end replicas, y’know. Play Arts is gearing up to release some new Metal Gear ...


Is the universe just one big computer simulation?

When WALL-E became an alcoholic…

The Force is strong with these limited edition Star Wars watches

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This charger from Volvo is exactly what electric cars need today

Electric cars may very well be the face of future transport, but they're not without their drawbacks. Besides a low fuel economy and a lack of places to recharge, actually powering up your vehicle is one hell of a time-consuming event. But it seems that Volvo may have finally found a way past that.


Would you fly in an airplane that had no seats?

Man, our airports are in a mess these days. If you're not being buggered thanks to dodgy staff with a "Eff you" man attitude, then another local flight operator is closing down and leaving you stranded. Time to cut even more costs, but let's face it: adding more seats won't exactly help. So how about taking those seats out of airplanes then?


LG reveals their 29 inch ultra widescreen monitor

Look at your media these days. That's all 16:9 anamorphic aspect ratio baby! With 4:3 viewing options for movies and television now deader than the dodo, entertainment screens have had to adapt as well in order to survive. One such screen that will be doing that specific shuffle in order to make some scratch is LG, who'll be taking another stab at the ultra widescreen market later this year.


This gummy python is going to constrict your arteries

Is this next article about technology? Not in the slightest. But did it need untold amounts of science to manufacture and create, and can it be termed as a toy, technically? I'm going to say yes. Because for frigs sake people, this is a gummy snake, and it is HUGE!


This touchscreen is actually a credit card

Your credit card is never safe. There are people out there, with all manner of devices that can rip the binary out of it. Time to make a card that is more secure then. And fortunately for us, Mastercard has some encrypted ideas up their sleeves.


I didn’t ask for this – Behold the most advanced prosthetic arm to date

Sooner or later, someone is going to lose an arm. Now, I'm not saying that machete fights should be banned, but the ratio at which limbs are lost to that noble tradition are mighty high indeed. Good thing in the future though, that we'll be able to snap a replacement appendage on our stumps then.


The new Megaupload site has already been shut down

Oh Kim Dotcom, you never cease to amaze me with your unrelenting arrogance. While Megaupload may have landed the Kimgpin in hot water (And jail) last year, the big man is bouncing back with a new file-sharing site by the name of Me.Ga, which has a foolproof method of avoiding the authorities this time. Except that it's already been scuppered by none other than Africa.


One, two, this premium Freddy Krueger figure is coming for you!

If there's one great movie villain out there, it's Freddy Krueger. A child molester, killer and all around jerkass, the maniac was bad enough before he was resurrected into an unstoppable creation of nightmare fuel. Now imagine owning that horror in miniature  as it watches you go to sleep every single night...


Behold, the taco cannon!

There is nothing that mankind cannot kill, giving enough time and resources. We're currently weaponising greenhouse effects in order to enact some payback on Mother Nature for all those millenia of natural disasters, and now, we've turned the deadliest piece of Mexican cuisine into a tool of destruction.


And this is how American astronauts vote

The American elections are right around the corner this week, and while we won't be seeing people downloading iPad apps in order to rock their vote, you can rest assured that NASA is putting tax payers money into a method to allow their astronauts to cast their ballot. Here's how they're doing it.