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That’s not Cyclops iPod visor you’re looking at, but in fact the new Sony 3D Home theater device. Essentially an all in one entertainment center, the Sony 3D HTD is a half helmet, half goggles that is all contained in the unit that fits on your head.

Once connected to a similar Sony device, such as a blu-ray player or a PS3, you can start viewing all your favourite films and clips on the two 0.7 inch OLED screens, each capable of a resolution of 1280×720, which work in sync to create a 3D experience. Some patented Sony surround sound finishes off the experience, to make you feel as if you are actually in a theater.

The seperate 3D displays are also designed to remove the possibility of headache inducing 3D, thanks to their separation setup that doesn’t involve using active-shutter or glasses free 3D technology.

It’s an idea so crazy, it might just actually work, but the price tag is no doubt going to put some people off. The Sony 3D HTD is going to launch in Japan in November, at a price tag of 60 000 Yen, or $800 US.

No word yet on a local launch date for the rest of the world, but some rumours point to the holiday season for a western release.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • MojoRisingZA

    Sweet lordy jesus! I need one of these for my late night movie watching and gaming. #TheWife would LOVE not being disturbed by noise OR flicker. Also, it’s FREAKING 3D!

  • @insanityflea

    It’s VR re-invented …

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