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What’s almost as good as ripping Locust scum into little bits with a trusty Lancer on your Xbox 360?  Building your own Lancer out of little bits so you can shoot rubber bands at your Locust action figures, that’s what!  Now as y’all may well know, I am quite the major Gears fan. Hell, you might even be a major Gears fan, but are any of us as dedicated as this particular Gears fan/LEGO enthusiast?

This impressive life sized replica not only has a safety mechanism and selective firing rate, it also has a working chainsaw on the business end just like the “real” thing!  It takes ammo in the form of rubber bands loaded into the custom designed cartridge which is an ingenious feat of engineering in its own right.  Whilst I didn’t have much luck researching which actual LEGO pieces where used in the build, I imagine it’s mostly a combination of various Technic sets.  It might be cheaper just to buy the original Lancer replica from a store (if you can find it) or eBay than actually building one yourself at the price of LEGO in South Africa these days though.



Source:  DVICE

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  • Twakkie

    Really awesome!! This is the stuff you dream about designing in your youth while you where playing with LEGO.
    Some very ingenious design solutions, this guy should definitely go and study Engineering.
    As a engineer I know the kind of effort and time it takes to design even the most basic of machines. I take my hat off to this guy!

    • Gavin Mannion

      yeah the ammo boxes are pretty incredible, the guys got some real talent

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