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Star Wars may be a great series of films, but its the merchandising that really sells it. Creator George Lucas was savvy enough to see the potential for this, and the jolly fat man rakes in millions of dollars every year through video games, toys and licensed props.

Of course, not everything from the Star Wars universe is deemed retail-worthy, and there have been a few licensing ideas that never made it out of the conceptual art stage.

Here’s a look at some of them.

Jason Geyer from action figure insider is no stranger to exposing some rejected toy ideas, and is back with a whole new batch of artwork and photos of what could have been, which you can see right here.

In the mean time, we’ve cobbled together some toys which would have been absolutely brilliant if they’d been made for real. But they weren’t, and now I have a void in my heart that is in the shape of an inflatable Imperial throne.

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  • ElNicko

    Ill take one of those Jabba the Hut bean bags – looks pretty comfy , and who wouldn’t want a Carbonite fridge ??

  • Gavin

    That fridge is incredible.. I must have one

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