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There’s no denying that Fibre Optic cables are going to lead the future of data transfer, what with their far superior numbers, ease if use and real world applications.

The only real question is, just how fast can we make the shiny cables perform their tasks? If you’re German, the answer, is “very”.

Deutsche Telekom recently unveiled a working 512 Gbps optical fibre cable. A single fibre mind you, that is capable of such high speeds, although real life will see it limited to 400 gbps.

That’s a helluva of a lot of data for one strand of conductive material, and it’s already seen some field use, in a 500  mile application between Berlin and Hanover.

Deutsche Telekom is already looking at rolling out more cables, and if they manage to push this out alongside their regular 48 channel optical fibers, they could see a network speed of 24.6 Tbps reached, on cables that are thinner than human hairs.

What an amazing piece of technology for downloading illegal movies.


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