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There are some things in life that just amaze me. Good tea. Loyal cats. Emerging technologies. Then there’s the attitude of some artists out there, who manage to build something, purely because screw you!

Zhu Kefeng is one such artist, and while his decade long creation may have nobler ambitions that go towards entertaining kids, its hard not too imagine him building his theme park because he just didn’t give a crap about what other people thought.

It’s a park with metal sculptures in it. Around 600. And they’re mostly of the Transformers.

Under his watchful eye, Kefeng and his team have spent over ten years building around 600 metal statues of the iconic Autobots, alongside several other cartoon characters, displaying them all at the “Mr Iron Robert Theme Park”.

Located in Jiaxing City, Kefeng wants his attraction to be a source of joy for visitors, especially for kids.

“I hope the park provides the visitors, especially the children, not only happiness, but also the spirits of green development and environment protection”, Zhu told Chinese news agency, News CN.

I feel very glad when the children visit my park and enjoy the happiness here. I still remember the joy when I play iron toys in my childhood, I’d like to share the joy with children when I’m able to build a theme park. Joy shared with others are more enjoyed.

Kefeng and his team have used so much metal, they eventually had to start their own recycling part in order to source more materials. And while some may consider his display mad, I think his heart is in the right place.

After all, art doesn’t always have to be a load of deep, philosophical ponderings. Create art because it looks awesome and cool is also a great idea.


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