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Microsoft might have a game-changer on their hands with their upcoming Surface tablet. As intriguing as the device is though, very little is known about the internals of it.

Until now that is, as some new details have revealed that the device will be that much more compact than the heavyweight contender in the field of tablet computing, the iPad.

The Surface RT Tablet specifically, looks to be that much slimmer, as the device will also boast a battery capable of playing HD video for up to 13 hours at a time.

Thanks to a feature called “Connected Standby” mode, the tablet can be switched to a sleep mode, but will use the bare minimum of power necessary to download data and update itself.

RT tablets will boast a battery life or between 320 to 409 hours in this mode, in comparison to the 8-13 hours available when in constant use. Now, while not all the models of the Tablet will belighter than the iPad, Microsoft says that their range of devices will weigh at its lightest, 520g, and at its heaviest, 1200g, compared to the 652g weight of the iPad.

As for thickness, the tablet will be a sleek 8.35mm in size, when compared to the thickness of the iPad. There’s still quite a few details that Microsoft has yet to reveal about their tablet devices, but if they’re shooting to take down Apple, and can surpass their technology with a sleeker device, then everyone wins at the end of the day.

Except Apple. But hey, competition is good for everyone, right?

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  • Erwin Kempff

    Apple, the come and bring cool products. Then Samsung (and MS) bring out cooler, thinner, better, faster, lighter devices.
    It must suck being in product development there!

    • Tracy Benson

      It’s okay, Apple just sends their lawyers after anything that looks vaguely like something they’ve previously made, doodled or dreamed about.

      • Erwin Kempff

        ..and then fail in their law-suites

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