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I have, quite simply put, a terrible sense of navigation. Going up a flight of stairs usually results in me setting up a base camp and eating the wood banisters, but help might finally be at foot for me. GPS shoes may not be a new concept, but these specific pairs of footwear take the fear of authoritarian monitoring out, and add in some genuine assistance.

Commissioned by the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, the working prototypes have a GPS built into the heel, with an antenna protruding from the back, while two sets of LEDs let you know if you’re hot or cold, based on your location and the direction that you’re walking in. And for extra Oz points, they can be turned on or off by clicking your heels. SHKULL!

To use them properly though, you’ll need to upload your coordinates with some specific software, and there you go, you can enjoy a night out and find your way back home.



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  • EK

    Very cool indeed.
    But must the shoes be so bleddie ugly?

    • matthurstrsa

      Lekker vellies man.

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