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I didn’t ask for this – Behold the most advanced prosthetic arm to date

Sooner or later, someone is going to lose an arm. Now, I’m not saying that machete fights should be banned, but the ratio at which limbs are lost to that noble tradition are mighty high indeed. Good thing in the future though, that we’ll be able to snap a replacement appendage on our stumps then.

The Bebionic3 is the most advanced prosthetic arm on the market rightnow, and it also happens to look pretty rad. It’s fluid, responsive, and gentle enough to squeeze a nipple write some stuff.

The Bebionic3 is a myoelectric prosthetic hand that uses residual neuro-muscular signals from your muscles to operate a number of precise functions.Featuring a range of 14 hand positions and grips, the Bebionic3 is also offered with a skin-tone glove that approximates the appearance of a real hand.

Hoenstly, why would you want a flesh glove, when you’re well on the way to becoming Robocop, huh?

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  • EK

    “squeeze a nipple write some stuff”

    (forgot to strike out)

    PS. That’s strike 2 this week buddy

    • Valshen

      Tell him!

  • EK

    Looks painful around the elbow area

  • GarethV

    With this kind of advancement soon we won’t be able to distinguish between prosthetic limbs and flesh and flood limbs. Star Wars robotic hands for everyone!

  • Alex [SS] PsyChoPanthis

    Methinks the designer watched WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much Fringe

  • Manga Madness

    Methinks the designer watched and read WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!

    This really seems similar to Automail except with Automail,it was linked directly TO the nerves.Had to hurt like crazy,but gotta admit,it appeared pretty affective in the show.

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