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LG reveals their 29 inch ultra widescreen monitor

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LG reveals their 29 inch ultra widescreen monitor

Look at your media these days. That’s all 16:9 anamorphic aspect ratio baby! With 4:3 viewing options for movies and television now deader than the dodo, entertainment screens have had to adapt as well in order to survive. One such screen that will be doing that specific shuffle in order to make some scratch is LG, who’ll be taking another stab at the ultra widescreen market later this year.Measuring in at 29 inches, and boasting a resolution of 2560 x 1080, the LG EA93 is widescreen monitor which makes full use of that extra aspect ratio. Sure, movies will probably look great on it, but when it comes to desktop work, the extra space is reserved for side by side applications.

It’s got the usual connections contained on the sides and rear, from DVI and HDMI, through to DisplayPort and MHL support. It’ll cost ya though, as the monitor is currently priced at $633 when it goes on sale next year in Korea.

And for that amount of cash, it’d be easier to just buy a 32 inch TV and HDMI that up to your PC instead.

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