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Would you fly in an airplane that had no seats?

Man, our airports are in a mess these days. If you’re not being buggered thanks to dodgy staff with a “Eff you” man attitude, then another local flight operator is closing down and leaving you stranded. Time to cut even more costs, but let’s face it: adding more seats won’t exactly help. So how about taking those seats out of airplanes then?Ryanair, the super lowcost UK airline service, is no stranger to controversial ideas which grab a fair share of publicity. Their flights are ridiculously cheap, thanks to ideas about telling you to bring your own in flight meal, and that using the toilet will cost ya extra.

It’s worked wonders for the company, and now, they want to add some standing room to their flights. CEO Michael O’Leary is of the opinion that seatbelts on planes are pretty much useless, and that it’d be cheaper on both sides to just make people stand during a flight by ripping out ten rows of seats from his aircraft. According to the Telegraph:

He is currently seeking to create “standing room only” cabins for students and budget travellers, selling £1 tickets to European destinations… When it came to landing, he suggested, passengers could “hang on to the handle” and would be “fine”.

R14 for a ticket from London to Spain? Why, with a savings like that, I’d more than enough cash left over to buy the animal tranquilizers that I need to quell my abnormal fear of flying!

What about you? Would you take a short standing jaunt on a plane for that price?

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  • Paul Fouche

    i would totally stand / have a beer whilst flying for 1 hour or 2 is just so much better

  • Batman


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