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Some iOS 6 features won’t work on your older devices

IOS 6 is coming soon - and Apple’s happy to tell you of all its glorious new features - like expanded Siri support, Facetime over 3G, turn-by-turn navigation and 3D flyovers using Apple Maps.

What they haven’t told you, is that hardly any of those cool new things will be available on “older” Apple devices.

Jarrod Lane

iPhone 4S Available in SA 16 December

That’s right folks Vodacom has just announced on their Facebook page that the iPhone 4S, the most anticipated hardware to come out of apple, will be available for all South Africans on December 16th 2011. Guess that Christmas wish list has just been updated!


The iPhone 4S is the fastest smartphone on the planet

Many may have considered the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S as a tad underwhelming, but reviews of the device are pegging it as the fastest smartphone on the planet - by a rather substantial margin.


The iPhone 4S can take stunning pictures

It may not be the next generation iPhone that we were all hoping for, but that doesn't mean the latest in touch screen telecommunications won't be packed with new features and hardware. One of those primary new additions is a much improved camera, and with the stats that Apple is boasting about, it looks like we might have the perfect device in our hand now for all aspiring photographers.

Jarrod Lane

Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote

At 19H00 South African Time, Apple started their ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote. This was to be the big announcement that we have all been waiting for, the iPhone 5! Did we get that news though? No, however, we did get rather interesting information on what is coming...